The World Really Need Another Book About Customer Service

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Introduction Does the world really need another book about customer service? Apparently, “YES!” It seems that more and more companies and businesses have come down with a severe case of amnesia. They seem to have forgotten who it is buttering their bread. Sadly, as businesses expand and grow, they become more and more reliant upon technological or automated services, throwing the personal touch and human side of customer service out the window. Unfortunately that’s where their profits will also eventually follow. If you’re interested in learning (or possibly relearning) the required people skills to help your company and service reps deliver mind blowing customer service, then this book will be an answer to your prayer. You’ve got a friend on the inside is just that! It’s all about creating incredibly large levels of rapport, trust and credibility with each and every one of your clients. This will lead to friendships, leading to stronger relationships, leading to greater loyalty. When your clients call or visit, you want them to feel like they’ve got an “in.” You want them to believe and know they are dealing with a company that has their back. In the end it’s all about relationships. Customers prefer to do business with friends. Clients prefer to remain loyal to businesses that are loyal to them. Clients prefer to give their hard earned money to businesses they trust. DEFINITION: What does it mean to have a “friend on the inside?” “Your customers feel as if they have an

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