The World Rice Exporter Market Essay

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The above figure presents the world rice exporter market share in 2015, Rice exported by country totalled US $24 billion in 2011, the main country that compete in the world market for exporting rice are Thailand, Vietnam, India and Pakistan where Thailand can be considered as the second biggest rice exporter. The above bar graph represents the major rice export shares from 1998 to 2000. As the world rice kitchen Thailand have exported 26.2% which was the highest during 1998-2000.However, Vietnam ranked the second which exported 15.6% in which 10% lower than Thailand, then follows by India which have exported 11.40% of the total world rice export. Pakistan was the lowest exporter of rice in the world during that period which exported 7.90%. Thailand as the world rice exporter and producer, in 2011, Thailand have exported 10.7 million metric tons and the export’s worth $ 6.43 billion USD where Vietnam was the second rice exporter in the world market which have exported the volume of 7.2 million metric tons, hence; following by India which have exported the volume of 4.3 million metric tons.

The above figure demonstrates the volume of rice production and consumption by difference countries. The blue solid line illustrates the production and the orange solid line represents domestic consumption. The gap between production and domestic consumption for Thailand is quite large when compare to Vietnam and India. However, Indonesia consumes way more than production; hence,
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