The World Runs On Computers Essay

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Our world runs on computers. We use computers for just about every job imaginable, but when our computers break down we usually have no idea what caused the problem. Unless we dropped it in a pool, because its fairly obvious electronics don 't mix with water. Don t trust me? I dare you to try. To even have hope on fixing a computer, or what we 're going to be working on, a laptop, you need to diagnose the PC. Diagnosing a computer comes down to finding the cause by inspecting the device, figuring out the problem, and then reach a conclusion, or find a solution. Finding a cause is the first step to figuring out the fix to the laptop, which you were using to finish an essay that just to shut off. When a PC shuts off you have to ask, “Was it low on battery?”, “Was it charging and the cable get disconnected?”, or “Did I push the power button?”. If any of these are true, don 't fret, they 're simple fixes, but if none of these are your problem, you are going to have to go into deeper troubleshooting methods. We begin with remembering what we last did on our laptop, what we 're doing, what and how many things we we 're last running, or what did we last download. If we rule out the software, the virtually installed programs, operating system, apps, etcetera, wasn 't attacked, faulty, or overworked, then we have to check

the hardware. Meaning look to see if the display components are working, or see if the battery and/or charge cable have faulted, then we 're gonna have to
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