The World Shook With Terror

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The world shook with terror September 5, 1972, when a group of eight Palestinian terrorists killed two Israeli Olympic team members and took nine hostage, during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. Prior to the hostage crisis, the games had run smoothly and were into their second week of competition. The games were used to present a new identity of democracy and optimism for Germany. This was the first-time Germany had been allowed to host the games since the 1936 Berlin Olympics, which still loomed in international sporting arena and raised the tensions of the games. Therefore, Germany hoped to erase the memories of the Third Reich and the horrors of the Holocaust by promoting itself globally on the international sporting stage.…show more content…
The original vision of the cheerful games and celebrating humanity was shattered when the group of eight Palestinian militants, affiliated with the terrorist group Black September, broke into the apartments housing the Israeli athletes located in the Olympic Village. The Black September terrorists were involved in a branch of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The terrorists scaled the six-foot fence that encircled the Olympic athletes living quarters. The group of terrorists targeted the building where the Israeli contingent was housed. The violent group forcibly entered the building around 4:30 a.m. with the help of relaxed Olympic security and German neo-Nazis who gave the attackers logistical assistances (Romanov, "1972 Munich Olympics"). The Black September group disguised in tracksuits and carried duffel bags to camouflage into the Olympic Village. The lenient security was a part of the West German Olympic Organizing Committee’s push to a friendly and open atmosphere within the village. Germany’s goal of diminishing the images of militaristic wartime Germany, under Nazi dictator Hitler, disregarded the overall safety of the athletes participating in the games. The intentionally relaxed security used as a propaganda strategy by Germany, allowed athletes to enter the village without proper identification or by climbing over a chain-link fence. The lack of armed
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