The World Trade Center And Nicknamed The Twin Towers

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On the New York skyline once stood a set of towers known as the World Trade Center and nicknamed the Twin Towers. After the attacks on a normal routine morning in New York City, those towers were no longer there. After several years of planning and designing, a new tower now stands and has been labeled One World Trade Center, also known as the Freedom Tower. In the shadow of the recently completed tower are two reflecting pools that were once the foundation of the fallen towers. During the design process and upon completion a public opinion arose with some saying, “building this tower means the terrorists won.” Others say it’s a symbolism for rebirth and moving forward. After visiting New York, watching the building process of the new…show more content…
Upon arriving in the empire state for the first time, our taxi driver goes on to tell us several facts about a tower that is now only missing the curtain wall for the top fifteen or so floors. He recalls the tower that when completed will be 1776 feet tall, becoming the tallest building on the New York City skyline. A public concern he expresses is the trouble with leasing the top thirty floors, the cause being a fear that racked the brains of many New Yorkers back in 2001. Later in the week, we made our way downtown to the 9/11 memorials. At the time to get into this memorial involved a similar system to how one would go through security anywhere in the nation. Well waiting in line, protesters lined the street arguing about a tower that is already 80% completed. Inside the memorial, however, people had the upmost respect for those who lost their lives that day. Other than the thousands of names that surrounded the foundations, another site to see was the single tree that still stood after the attacks, even with the millions of pounds of rumble that fell that September day. Fast forward two and a half years to the third and most recent visit of mine to New York City. On this February visit the city was experiencing one of the many snowstorms that occur on the East coast. When arriving at the memorial for the
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