The World Trade Center Bombing Essay

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Following the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, Rescorla invited Hill to New York, where he hired him as a security consultant in order to assess the building 's security. Although no arrests had yet been made, Rescorla believed that the bomb had been planted by Muslims. Hill went undercover in several mosques throughout New Jersey, showing up for morning prayers at dawn. He took on the character of an anti-American Muslim, in order to interview the other visitors to the mosques. He concluded that the attack was likely planned by a radical imam at a mosque in New York or New Jersey. Followers of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, a radical Muslim cleric based in Brooklyn, were subsequently convicted of the bombing.
Rescorla gained much more credibility and authority after the bombing, which resulted in a change to the culture of Morgan Stanley, which he believed should have moved out of the building because he felt that the World Trade Center was still a very real target for terrorists. He recommended to his superiors at Morgan Stanley that the company should leave their Manhattan office space, mentioning that labor costs were lower in New Jersey and that the firm 's employees and equipment would be safer in a different building. However, this recommendation was not followed as the company 's lease at the World Trade Center was not up until 2006. Due to Rescorla’s urging and persistence, all employees, including senior executives, began practicing emergency evacuations every three
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