The World Trade Organization Trading System

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In recent years, The World Trade Organization trading system has playing a significant role in our nations. More and more nations have taken part in this organization for gaining a great benefit from trading between nations. WTO looks itself as a system that helps trade to flow smoothly and provide countries with a constructive and fair outlet for dealing with disputes over trade issues (WTO, 2008). However, there is a drawback for this system such as it does not claim to be a "free market" organization. According to the WTO, it is sometimes described as a free trade institution but that is not absolutely correct. The system does allow tariffs and in limited circumstances and other forms of protection. More exactly, it is a system of rules for committed to open fair and undistorted competition (Promoting fair competition, 2015). This is similarity to a certain level of protection is proved. By the fact that, cartels like the OPEC have never been involved in trade argument with the WTO, despite the evident contrast between their objectives (Farah, Paolo Davide; Cima, Elena, 2013). The outline of the paper is as follows. In the following section, the effect of WTO rules on developing countries will be demonstrated. Additionally, with the aim of WTO influences on trading between countries changing in inter trade laws will be hypothesized. Moreover, the researcher will review the role of Thailand in WTO. Finally, the researcher will give a conclusion of the
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