The World Trade Organization ( Wto )

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Introduction Globalization has been one of the most import reasons why the world has become a place where everyone can communicate with each other, travel to places in a shorter period of time than before and have a massive variety of goods and services provided to, from which they can choose. Globalization opened a door and created a civilization that can bring people together and created all kinds of resources accessible to everyone. Technology improves every day and these helped countries to export and import goods and services to other countries through advanced mechanical technology. Such facilities were unapproachable or limited to an extent before the rise of globalization. Countries wanted to import goods that they could not produce in their own country and they wanted to export goods and services to other countries that were in need of the products they could produce in great numbers. The idea of an international organization was created in 1995, named as the World Trade Organization (WTO), whose members could import and export products with each other, create agreements between two or more countries and control disagreements on trade between countries (WTO website). This organization would make trade easier and more effective to its members and eventually promote a sense of development (Litonjua, 2010, 45). Two members of the WTO are Canada and the United Kingdom, which are both categorized as Developed countries in the industrialized world. Their role in the WTO

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