The World Trade Organization and Environmental Protection Essay

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In this paper, I begin by defining international governance and the problems surrounding the definition which provide background information. I go on to examine how the rules of the WTO have affected international environmental governance through ignoring environmental protection and labour rights. I compare from one angle the effects of GATT to trade liberalization. I use the example of the endangered sea turtle to show how the United States intended to protect the environment but was stopped by WTO rules. In conclusion, the WTO rules should change and be more democratic and appeal to environmental protection.

The World trade organization (WTO) was founded January 1, 1995 . It is an international body whose purpose is to promote free
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The “single Undertaking requirement” proposed by the Uruguay round increased the present tension. It in stipulated that all WTO state members have to conform to the agreements of the Uruguay round agreements.

International relation scholars often say that a state power comes from the control over the military or economic resources. Recently, the possibility that the rules would conflict environmental governance has been a topic of interest that could lead to global trade regime. This has been considered to be more powerful than environmental regimes which can reduce the hard earned gains in the environmental arena.

In the first part of the essay, I define the meaning of international governance. The definition reveals the flaws that can be exploited couple with the positive side of the meaning.
Secondly, I talk about the effects of the WTO on the environment and on labour issues
Thirdly, I compare GATT to trade liberaliation.Fourth I use the example of sea turtles to show how the WTO rules can change countries policies. Finally I conclude that the WTO

International Governance

Before analysing the implication of the WTO rules on international environmental governance, it is important to define international environmental problems and understand the history behind it, internationally and domestically. International environmental problems can be defined as ‘those impacts on the natural environment of

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