The World War I ( 1914-1918 )

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“World War I [1914-1918] brought about many significant changes in the aviation field. At the start of World War One, aircraft were very basic and crude. By the time World War One had ended, aircraft had become far more sophisticated and had differentiated into fighters, bombers and long-range bombers. The development of aircraft was stimulated by the war’s requirements, as was the way aircraft were actually used” (“Aircraft and World War One”). At the start of the war, aircraft was thought to be an insignificant asset. Because of this, planes were typically only used for monitoring, rather than attacking the enemy, as well as the world’s first ever aerial photography. If ever enemy aircraft came in contact, by chance, the encounter was typically crude due to lack of training, but deadly. By the end of WWI, though, there was no comparison in the aircraft going into and coming out of the war. At the beginning of the war, aircraft typically only held one passenger, sometimes two. In order for a bomb execution to take place, the pilot, and/or co-pilot, would simply drop a bomb in the general direction of the enemy in hopes of hitting the correct target. By the end of the war, what are known as long-range-bombers were introduced. These aircrafts were much larger and were known for their accuracy. This proves that what was thought to be an insignificant development turned into a great asset within only four years. Besides the significant changes in combat strategies, the
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