The World War I Am I Right?

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What is the first picture that comes into your mind when you hear World War 2? Guns, Nazis and massive killings, am I right? Well that’s what most of us think about, but, have you ever thought of the lifestyle in Germany at the time? What each class had to go through and how they lived their life. The middle class like always, struggles to stay on their feet but what about the poor? What happens if the Nazis gain full control of Germany? Christopher Isherwood, a young British medical school student who went to Germany due to the political conflicts that was taking place there at the time. He also admits that one of the reasons he went there was not only because of the political conflicts but also because of the “boys”, Germany meant boys to him. Before his trip to Germany, his mother was against his decisions. Going to Germany is like going to war, she didn’t want him to go there because she was worried about him, she thought that he will be cut back from medical school and also because the Germans have killed her husband. Christopher is also a anti-culture because he thinks that it’s a substitute for engaging in messy business of living. This to me did not sound right at all. A culture is what represents who you are and where you come from. Every culture has different aspects and their own way of doing things like worshiping, cultural activities, and way of living life and those are the things that makes every culture so unique. On Isherwoods way to Berlin, he meets

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