The World War I : An Era Of Social Unrest

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From 1890 to World War I, U.S experienced an era of social unrest, racial concerns, and questioning of true democracy. Many of these problems arise from the economic problems faced by growing American middle class. Because economy and politics are close linked, political parties and party platforms were inevitability affected by these changes in social patterns. A new political party, populists’ party, gained widespread acknowledgement from Americans while democrats and republicans set out to remake their platforms to fit the ideals of the common man. Faced with growing economic and expansion problems in American society, these three major influential parties of the era had their own distinct economic visions as well as similar interests as time progressed on. In early 1890s, democratic and republicans were similar in their support for industrialists. 1890 marked the end of Gilded Age as well as a beginning of progressive era. Gilded Age is an age of industrial giant domination in politics and economics in United States. Therefore, political parties had little influence on economics since economy was controlled by private business owners and big corporations like Standard Oil Company. Since both parties were tainted with political corruptions, they sided with the industrialists and bankers in their economic and political agendas. The main difference in their agendas was their split beliefs in tariff regulation. The tariff conflict was a
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