The World War I And The Great War

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World War One , also known as the Great War was a global war fought between the allied powers and the central powers from July 1914 to November 1918. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand led to the outbreak of world war one. Franz Ferdinand was the arch duke of Austrian-Hungarian Empire and was considered as the heir of the Empires monarchy throne. However there was many other factors that caused world war one. Alliances which is an agreement between two or more countries which gives help if one country needs it. Alliances were common during the war. The allied powers which were the winning side consisted mainly of France, the British Empire (Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand) and Italy while the central powers consisted of the Ottoman (Turkey), German and Austrian-Hungarian empires. Australia, a young country which was federated about a decade after the war started, was so still incensed with its mother country, England. Australia has had a long history with England prior to the start of the war. Since England colonised Australia in 1788 when the First fleet arrived, Australia has many things in common with England. This includes the culture and the same language in both countries. Another reason why England was Australia’s mother country was because most Australians had a British heritage. On the day England declared war with the German and Austrian-Hungary empires, Australia had strong defence and trade ties with England. Military ties kept on expanding

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