The World War I

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Lutwin de Macar Mr. LeClainche World History 6B April 17, 2015 I affirm the code The Unwanted Trenches It is estimated that between 8.5 and 12 million people died while fighting in the trenches. The estimation, in fact, is difficult to prove after the collapse of several countries’ government such as Russia, Austria Hungary, or Germany. The lives in the trenches were absolutely horrific. Soldiers were not aware of the life threatening conditions of the trenches when deciding to fight for their country. Indeed, the life in the trenches were dangerous and horrible for the soldiers fighting in World War One. This played an important role on soldiers’ physical and mental condition during and after the war. The trenches living conditions were…show more content…
Continuous fighting unhallowed soldiers to rest physically. Sleep is essential for humans and having to fight twenty four hours a day caused critical fatigue. Although soldiers were able to shift for sleep, it was certainly not easy. Sleeping while bombing was going on was nearly impossible. Animals kept bugging soldiers while trying to gnaw your infected body parts. Injuries while fighting was unavoidable. This physical condition lead soldiers to physical breakdown or death. The extreme tough condition within the trench war was not only hard physically but mentally as well. The system of the trenches led soldiers with many body side effects and mental conditions. Shell Shock was a disease and side effect that left soldiers with psychological trauma. Many of them were due to heavy bombing leaving many soldiers with concussions that were hard to recover from. Soldiers were also found to have emotional torments. Soldiers battled with awful physical pain. In addition, soldiers were mentally concerned about living their loved ones behind or seeing their friends die on the battlefield. This mental agony Soldiers, alive after the war, had a hard time to recover mentally. Veterans from the war are usually emotional when talking about this modern warfare. They have a hard time talking about this event that marked their lives. Unfortunately, we are losing the people that witness this horrible battle. A really good example of a person
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