The World War I Is War

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World War I is war famous for European nations fighting against themselves. It began to take shape when countries like France and Germany beginning to form their own allies. It all started with the powerful Austria-Hungary wanted to have Serbia as part of their own empire. However a group of Serbian nationalists known as Black Hands dislike the idea. So they wanted to send a message to the Austria-Hungary government by killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Gavrilo Princip, member of the Black Hands, shot and killed Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie and thus started World War 1. Austria-Hungary soon moved against Serbia but Serbia counter by moving against Austria-Hungary. Then comes with new superpower in Europe Germany. It got involved by not only moving against Russia but also moving against France. Furthermore, Germany violated the Belgium sovereignty which then Britain declared war on Germany. During the period of time, Alfred Grad Von Schlieffen was Germany’s military leader. His plan was to knock out France first in the west and soon attack Russia in the east, then make England and other countries in Europe force to surrender. However, Germany wants one more country to get involved in the war. And that was the United States. In time, United States were acted neutral to both side during the war so they can stay isolated as possible and wanting to get war profit.In a way, United States was acting as devil’s advocate. However this annoyed Germany a bit. To Germany’s point…

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