The World War I Led From The Imperialist Age Of The 19th Century

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World War I led to the deaths of over 70 million people in Europe, and destroyed the already weak infrastructure left from the imperialist age of the 19th century. During this time of rebuilding, Germany turned to people they believed would help them rebuild. The people who would rebuild would also destroy the freedoms of the German people through their aggressive takeover. This takeover by the German National Socialist Party, dubbed the Nazi Party by Bavarians, was defined for the brutality and the totalitarian government by which it ruled. So the question is, how did they take over? How did a party made from the hands of but 5 people manage to conquer all of Germany during the 1930s? This is due to the harsh stipulations enforced by the post-war efforts of the allied powers and the following collapse of many European countries. Lack of International Cooperation led to the blaming of the "Central Powers" of Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire after the first World War. The only problem with this was that Germany was the only nation intact after the Armistice Day in 1918. Germany 's Imperial government had been overthrown in the German November Revolution of 1918 and had been set up as the new Weimar Republic. This meant that, reluctantly, the German Reichstag had to accept blame for all damages created by the war and the Central Powers. In 1919, after the conclusion of World War I, a formal treaty was signed. This treaty, known as the Treaty of Versaille,

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