The World War II Film, Casablanca

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Casablanca is a World War II film that was released in 1942. The film is all about World War II but there was no American involvement. Casablanca is considered propaganda slightly, but it is not overloaded with it. The film showed that the war was mainly between France and Germany. The film showed that the Americans were pretty neutral during this point because Pearl Harbor was not bombed yet, so we were not at war. The film portrayed Americans as neutral and Americans allies as weak, overall. There were no depictions of violence at all and it does not show Americans dying because since the audiences are Americans, they do not want to see people from their county dying or being injured; it would cause the film to be very unsuccessful. Casablanca was set about World War II and the film did promote the war faintly. There was one scene that really showed the promotion of World War II. That scene was when the German’s were in Rick’s café and they were singing a German song. Victor then came along and had the band start playing a patriotic French song. The French were singing louder than the Germans, which brought some tension between the two sides. I would consider the film propaganda because it tried to make the war seem like it was not that bad, even though we all know how bad it was. The film did not mention how horrible the concentration camps were and it did not mention how hard it was for Victor to escape the camp. The film probably does not make the viewers feel
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