The World War II Hero And Late Five Star General Douglas Macarthur Essay

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“Anyone who commits American Forces to a land war in Asia, ought to have his head examined,” averred the World War II hero and late five-star general Douglas MacArthur, assaying the United States ' involvement in Vietnam with President John F. Kennedy in 1962 (McDougall 2013, 251). Apprehensive about a Communist drive in Asia, the United States Congress radically dissented from MacArthur 's perspective while the vast preponderance of Americans wallowed in ambivalence. The Vietnam War was a war on two fronts for the United States, one at home and one abroad. As public opinion canted, domestic tensions became substantiated through inexorable antiwar protests across the nation. With a mounting resistance movement in the United States knocking on Washington 's door and a North Vietnamese foe devoted to a protracted guerrilla-style war, the most inimical adversary of the American war effort was the clock. Beginning in the late Eighteenth Century, the French established colonies at key ports in Vietnam (American Academic Encyclopedia 1980b, 583). The French maintained their imperialist grip over Vietnam until 1940, where as part of their World War II stratagem, the Japanese invaded and subsequently occupied the region (Polansky 2013, 12-13). The Vietnamese multitude had long been primed for a national liberation movement, and the environs of political and societal turbulence concurrent with the Japanese advent in Vietnam fomented the burgeoning of nationalistic fervor. The

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