The World War II : The Cold War

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During the 20th century many countries had bad relationships with each other, and was mostly due to World War II. America and the Soviets were both excellent examples of terrible relationships. They both started in World War II fighting alongside together. This entire time the Communism presented by the Soviets frightened America. America’s worries were mainly because of the tyrannical leadership by Joseph Stalin. Finally, the Cold War began after Soviet continued to expand and the US became more worried. There were very high tensions leading up to the Cold War and during. There was a dramatic element in the Cold War, as Space exploration took off. Mainly seen in the 1950s, this space competition between America and the Soviets showed how behind America was. They were one step behind as the Soviets sent the Sputnik on October 4, 1957. The following year, America responded with the Explorer I. The Space Race was on and each country was pushing science to an entirely new level. While the Space Race was in full effect the US had the Red Scare. The HUAC or the House Un-American Activities Committee had many tests to prove to others communist subversion in America was still occurring. Due to this America was motivated to deter other countries from communist powers. The US faced a number of issues with communism. Not only the soviets, but also North Korea invaded the south. Many believed this was the beginning to the communist takeover. However, sports have had…

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