The World War II ( Ww2 )

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The Second World War, more commonly known as World War II (WW2), was a globally destructive war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. Although the major causes of the war began earlier the trigger that caused the ripple effect on the major warring countries was Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland. The prime belligerents were Germany and Japan who were part of the Axis powers during the war, warring against the United States, Great Britain, and France who were categorized within the Allied Powers. Although countless countries were included in the Axis and Allied Powers these were the major combatants in the war. Considering how the United States remained neutral throughout the better part of the war they were surprisingly affected on the homefront. WW2 changed American lives in the U.S greatly and mainly for the better. Due to the war, women became the prime laborers in factories while the men fought and for the first time became financially independent; the growing sense of nationalism caused Americans to greatly contribute to the war effort through provisional supplies of food and money which contributed to the war; and most of all the families on the homefront who had sent their men into the war were affected with great sorrow and depression when they discovered the tragedy that had befallen on their loved ones. The Second World War greatly altered the American life for the better for the most part but also cost them a great loss for their country. Women were predominantly the
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