The World War Soldiers On The Western Front

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In the First World War soldiers on the western front went through an enormous range of experiences from extreme boredom to appalling stress. The majority of soldiers fighting saw horrific things on a daily basis which none of us would like to, this triggered mental illness in the men. Also several other factors caused this like the awful conditions of the trenches and the way people were treated, it would have been very upsetting and disturbing. All trenches were similar but the German trenches were stronger and built to a higher quality than the British and this was proven in the battle of the Somme. Along the top of a trench there would be sandbags which soaked up water but also protected the soldiers from bullets and bombs. There would also be barbed wire this stopped the enemy approaching the trenches. In the trench itself there was an ammunition shelf which is self-explanatory; below this there was the fire step to shoot from. To prevent their feet from getting wet/muddy there were duckboards laid down on the ground. A place for the soldiers to keep dry was the dugout in here there was a table, chair and bed where they could get some rest. A soldier would spend one week in a front line trench they would then go back one hundred metres and spend four weeks in a support trench then the soldier would go to a reserve trench for eight weeks which is three hundred metres behind the support. Life in the trenches did not consist of constant action or fighting it was usually
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