The World War The Schliefflen Plan, The Arms Race, Alliances, Or Germany 's Blank Check

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Shontell Burch 03/04/2015 July 1914: Countdown to War Most can recall some of the known main origins of the first World War-the Schliefflen Plan, the arms race, alliances, or Germany’s Blank Check. But few can actually recall what led up to these events and how they unfurled. In July 1914: Countdown to War, Sean McMeekin brings to life diplomacy, which gives us an deeper understanding of strategic issues of the alliance system and geopolitics, how diplomatic decision making and communications was influenced by the personalities of the diplomats and rulers, and how other internal issues affected diplomacy in various countries. The book is almost written as if it is a play, narrating events from country to country-Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia, France, and Great Britain, while sparingly discussing Serbia. With this chronology , it allow us to see the reasoning and explanation behind McMeekin’s unpopular perspective of not blaming Germany for the start of war but instead the Russian Prime Minister, Sergei Simonov and the French President, Raymond Poincare . He begins with Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s visit to Sarajevo. “His suite, located in the spa town of Illidza west of Sarajevo, had a certain garish charm, adorned with Persian carpets, Arabesque lamp figurines, and Turkish scimitars” (1) he states describing Ferdinand’s hotel suite. His description of his visit and the people’s personalities are very colorful. But what stands out is how McMeekin uses these

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