The World Was Made By Native American Origins And The Sky Tree

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Native Americans and European people have been around on Earth for the last couple hundred years with spiritual and civic traditions following them. A famous spiritual tradition was spiritual stories, such as who was the creator of the Earth. Civic documents are present in present day such as the Constitution of the United States or the Iroquois Constitution. They did share similarities such as in each spiritual story Earth started as water but differences such as religion based constitutions versus non religion based constitutions also existed. Many stories have been created explaining who actually created the Earth. Popular creation stories are “How the World was Made” and “The Sky Tree” with Native American origins and the story of “Genesis” from European origins. These creation stories do have comparisons even though they do share comparisons. For example, in the beginning of all three stories, Earth started from water. “God’s spirit was hovering over the surface of the waters.” The quote from “Genesis” shows to the audience that the Earth was all water before God started to create Earth. “In the beginning, Earth was covered with water.” “The Sky Tree” simply says that in the creation story that Earth started as water. “The Earth is a great floating island in a sea of water.” The three stories share that water was the starting point or beginning of Earth. To add, another comparison is there is a type of high authority or power that had the ability to create Earth and
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