The World Water Is An Essential Resources For Daily Life

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Around the world water is an essential resources for daily life but over 663 million people do not have access to safe drinking water. For many water is seen as a given right, but what happens when the convenience of water is taken away? Worldwide countries and agencies are coming together to prepare for this devastating event. The United States, in particular Florida, has prepared multiple water supply plans and structures due to the unsustainable water withdrawal from the Floridian Aquifer and the impact of sea-level rise. In 2015, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection began preparing for an increase in population, resulting in 24.1 million residence by 2030, whom will demand a total of 7.4 billion gallons of fresh water per day (source 2015).
Times have changed since the beginning of the decade because Florida is currently hustling to ensure the state will have adequate fresh water supplies to sustain residents. The scope of this issue has risen from local and regional agencies to the statewide government and their corresponding agencies. Florida, with a total of five main aquifers, has more availability to groundwater than any other state. So why does Florida need to be worried about their water supplies? Out of the average 54 inches of annual rainfall only seven inches reach Florida’s aquifer systems, the rest evaporates or runs off into other bodies of water. Florida is the largest user of groundwater east of the Mississippi River, with over 90 percent of

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