The World Wide Leading Political Ideology

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There is an idea amongst international relation theorist that Liberalism has won the race to become the world-wide leading political ideology, thus with it has brought about the idea of ‘western liberalism. “In the contemporary world the combination of the triumph of liberalism and globalisation has meant that cultural exchanges are occurring at extremely rapid rates and at very deep levels.”(Smith, El-Anis, Farrands 182). There was a clear split in Europe post-Cold-War, Western Europe was modernised with new technology and industries, while the East under Communism was less economically and socially developed than the west. Thus after the fall of Communism and the Berlin Wall saw an increase in western ideas and influences in order to…show more content…
This suggest that rather than a ‘global culture’ the world is moving towards a more Western Liberal approach, as countries were joining these organisations, with America being the key model. As pointed out above there has been a move towards this idea of ‘westernisation’ since the end of the Cold War and the making of the new states since of the fall of the Soviet Union. Huntington alludes to eight major cultures, however that feature in the world,” Western Christianity, Orthodoxy, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, Taoism and Judaism.”(Huntington 1996). These cultures all share common themes through the movement of people and through the growth of multi-national companies. However, these cultures have conflicting interests which prevents them from uniting as a ‘global culture.’ For example someone, whom associates oneself with Islam could be eating McDonald’s or wearing a globalised clothing brand, while being opposed to Western ideologies. A major economic battle currently in international relations is that oil and the availability of oil. Tariq Ali states that “Islam was seen as the biggest threat because most of the world’s oil is produced in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia…Saudi Arabia remained as a safe haven, its monarchy protected by American troops.”(Ali 2002). This is creates tension amongst
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