The World Wide Web and Plagiarism Essay

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The World Wide Web and Plagiarism

In the recent past when computers were available to the public, users could easily type a document without having to retype a whole page to correct or add a part to a document. Shortly after that came the Internet where countless pages of documents and information became accessible to nearly everybody. The problem with plagiarism was much smaller and easier to detect before the Internet. Preceding the Internet, plagiarized materials used to originate from fraternity houses’ efforts to recycle earlier information, copied directly from books at a library, or purchased from local ghostwriters. Professors who were familiar with their materials easily detected plagiarism in these
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(Psychological Record survey.)

30% of Berkley students were recently caught handing in plagiarized material from the Internet. ( test, April/May 2000)

55% of faculty members said they would not be willing to devote any strong effort to documenting suspected incidents plagiarism. (Study by Donald L. McCabe: Faculty Responses to Academic Dishonesty: The Influence of Honor Codes.)

257 chief student affairs officers across the country believe that colleges and universities have not addressed the cheating problem adequately. (Study by Ronald M. Aaron and Robert T. Georgia: Administrator Perceptions of Student Academic Dishonesty in Collegiate Institutions.)

The internet makes it possible to find documents that pertain to any subject, therefore the internet makes it possible for any student to find a document, copy it and paste it with some others into their own word processor to call their own. It gets even easier than that. There are even websites solely devoted to helping students have access to other peoples papers and reports. These types of websites are called “paper mills” because they allow students to get complete papers for a small fee and sometimes even for free. When a student is looking for a paper all they have to do is type “free essays”(for example) into any search engine and it brings up 30 plus websites that have free documents

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