The World Without The Islamic State

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America has always had conflicts with organizations all around the world. Take into consideration that most of the problems have been from the middle east, especially ISIS. A world without the Islamic state would be great for us and the middle east, but what kind of other consequences would it bring if we were to kill them all off today. Some of the consequences might be more national debt, other enemies could rise underneath us, or there will be a lot more deaths than previous wars. A U.S. ground war against ISIS would be deadly and could increase slavery, it would be costly, and we would need other countries in the middle east to help us fight. A recent report states that nearly 19,000 civilians have been killed, over in the Middle East,…show more content…
Jan Kubis, the U.N. secretary-general 's special representative for Iraq, says that "Despite their steady losses to pro government forces, the scourge of ISIS continues to kill, maim and displace Iraqi civilians in the thousands and to cause untold suffering," Over the course of the past few years there has been a lot more death and slavery in the Middle East. They hasn 't seen this much violence in a while so there could be some other problems that can come from the violence and death if it continues to get worse. In the past few years, reports show that, tens of billions of dollars sent to the thousands of trained security forces in the middle east have collapsed. A certain report done by Eric Schmitt and Tim Arango, states that, 500 million dollars goes to a defence program that trains local rebels to fight ISIS. Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki says, “The push to rebuild the Iraqi Army that the United States disbanded after the 2003 invasion had largely succeeded by the time American troops withdrew eight years later. But that $25 billion effort quickly crumbled after the Americans left.” The same report also states that “The American government has invested nearly $1 billion in the overall strategy in Somalia. But even with the gains, the Shabab have been able to carry out bombings in Mogadishu, the capital, and in neighboring countries, including massacres at a university and a
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