The World and Literature Changes in the 1930's

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During, the 1930’s the world was in a time of great depression, with economic and political uncertainty fueled after the stock market crash in 1929. Many US banks failed, mortgages were foreclosed on homeowners. Croplands in the Midwest lost their topsoil and were ruined during the Dust Bowl drought, with many farmers relocating to California. Unemployment affected a large part of the work force, leaving a population of long-term joblessness. Ultimately, the stock market crash left a dramatic end to an era of unprecedented, and unprecedentedly lopsided, prosperity (H. Staff). Supporters of Eugenics movements an extension of Social Darwinism were realizing the misconception they were under. This consciousness came when the wealthy suddenly became poor and reality of genocide caused the extreme end to eugenics. Consequently, total dissolution of eugenics in the United States was a slow process, due to the persistence of racial discrimination (Rogers). It was during this significant time during the 1930s, when literature, politics, and economics changed its platform, inspiring writers to form allegiances directly or indirectly to political parties (S. Staff).
For example, Adam Kirsch comments in his article, How the Great Depression Spawned Literary Masterworks: At a time when the Communist Party was presenting itself as the strongest force for progress, these writers saw capitalist America as a dying society in need of revolutionary changes. Never before or since
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