The World and The Age of Technology Essay

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During the last century, through massive industrialization and undeniable advancements, the world stepped into the Age of Technology. In a much developed society today, the different companies compete for patents over technical skills, arousing so-called cyber war. In modern age, cyber-attack has been a continuous problem as it gets more advanced and harder to stop. As seen in the Chart on the side, the number of reported cyber-attack incidents grew continuously since 2006. It is no more an ignorable issue as it brings significant damages daily to the corporations and even the government agencies. These severely detrimental cyber-attacks also bring out an ethical dilemmatic question: Should the companies admit that they have been hacked?…show more content…
Not only that, it is almost impossible to detect most modern cyber-attacks as they continuously devise the method. Now, the government-related companies that control power-grid and even nuclear facilities are daily getting cyber-attacks, which may possibly bring the whole world to end. Cyber-attack is not a problem to be taken lightly as it may bring huge consequences. However, it is uneasy to really figure out how to deal with the attacks once they have happened. Many people believe the companies must admit publicly that they have been hacked, and it is not very hard to figure out the reasons behind. The Securities and Exchange Commission and the recently established federal law entitle most businesses to disclose the cyber-attack risks to their investors and customers. Not only is it their duty towards the customers, but also, all the companies should work together to make efforts to fight cyber-attacks, learning and improving from the incidence. Sharing the information rather than standing silent gives off more chance to prevent next attack. For the common good, companies must make certain sacrifices. On the other hand, some people who believe the companies should not be required to publicly announce that they have been hacked bring up quite crucial points. Because cyber-attack itself significantly damages the company, enforcing them to release the information on attack only puts them into more of a dire situation, leaving them with
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