The World citizenship opposes idea of nationalism Nussbaum’s main argument is about

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The World citizenship opposes idea of nationalism Nussbaum’s main argument is about idea of world citizenship and role of literature which can contribute on understanding of people around the world. It is logical that through studying foreign languages and religions, literature people can understand each other. However there is problems with idea of world citizenship. As in some powerful states such as China, Russia idea of nationalism is dominating. So this idea of world citizenship opposes to idea of nationalism . Although, this idea has some results in terms of creating small version of world citizenship To be european in creation of European union. UN contributed to this idea. However, this idea seem ideal…show more content…
So , it wants everybody to obey its laws and to make everyone same in terms of thoughts. Emerson approached the way that it will benefit society. Independence of thought will lead to better civil society. While improvement in civil society will lead to better democracy. From 2nd perspective fulfilment of potential of members of society will lead to improvement of society. However, there is the problem with such claim. For example in society the rise of people such as Stalin can lead to destruction. As for example in case of Germany where Hitler has different thought and he did not fear to express ideas and he deserved the respect from Germany. However, he used his power to kill millions of Jewish people. But the audience of Emerson were probably young people and he has experience of preacher. He may be considered his audience are good people so their rise in society will help American society to develop. Complexity of world can not be entirely explained by science. Douthat Ross criticizes Pinker for his simplification of world. As world for him is not only consists of science and it is also religion, and traditions. So Pinker misses in his argument complexity. However, Ross dramatizes situation as although Pinker simplifies the world however it can be useful in some cases. For example: model of rotation of planets was applied to understand structure of atom. Their structure
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