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The Right Stuff
Constant change and a flat, global competitive market landscape were described by Thomas Friedman, author of The World is Flat, as triple convergence and was a result of the ten flatteners. Friedman also stated that in “Globalization 1.0, countries had to think globally. In Globalization 2.0, companies had to think globally to thrive, or at least survive. In Globalization 3.0, individuals have to think globally to thrive, or at least survive.” (Friedman, 2007) The concept of needing individuals to think globally and thrive in the market led Friedman to travel and report on various educational cultures across the world. Friedman was determined to find “the right stuff” to make the youth in future generations
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The first ability required in “the right stuff” is learning how to learn. Friedman discussed the ability to learn as constant absorption, and self-teaching techniques that manifest crystallized intelligence and enhance the ability of the individual to new innovation. (Friedman, 2007) Life- learning is essential to being competitive individually in the new flat world. Individuals that love learning and are motivated to search for data or self-learn will be stewards of their own compounding education. (Friedman, 2007)
Navigation, is the second required critical skill set outlined by Friedman’s “right stuff” theory. Information sourcing is readily available on the web. As internet availability has increased social thinking that the source of data that flattens the world is credible and factual. However, students and individuals need to remember that filtering of open-source information is critical to understanding the difference between information, facts and wisdom. (Friedman, 2007) The youth of the future will need to be able to discern the difference between information and carry forward credible information and spin it into a new innovation.
Passion and curiosity is a third ability or personality quotient of “the right stuff” noted by Friedman is created by culture and an individual’s innate desire to improve or self-actualize. Passion and the curiosity by far will create more

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