The World of Ancient Egypt

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Defence Force - the protectors of the borders: The army - ancient Egypt’s fighters: In the old kingdom, there was no permanent army. Untrained men from villagers were called upon in time of war. Egypt’s natural barriers, the desrt for one, ensured that this didn’t happen very often. The army became professional during middle Kingdom and they fought with no armour. The Pharaoh always led his army into battle, surrounded by a group of soldiers called the ‘Braves of the King’. He rode on a chariot wearing armour and a blue war crown. Army life was tough, with very harsh training and whippings if you did something wrong. Talented soldiers could greatly improve their social position by becoming wealthy. The Battle of Kadesh- greatest victory of Pharaoh Ramesses: The Egyptian army had marched to face the Hittite army. On the way, they caught two strangers. These strangers claimed that the Hittite army was far away. But in actual fact, they were spies for the enemy and the Hittite were waiting for them in the city of Kadesh. Then, the Egyptian army caught 2 more spies and Ramesses realized they were spies for the Hittites. The Egyptian’s found themselves surrounded and most of the army fled, leaving only their pharaoh and his shield-bearer to fight the greatest battle of their lives. It is said that Ramesses prayed to the great god Amun and gained strength, enough to beat all of the Hittites. This is the story of the Great Battle of Kadesh. Weapons- the defence tools: The ancient
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