The World of Glassblowing Essay

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25, February 2013 The World of Glassblowing Ever imagine what it’s like to play with honey? Now imagine playing and shaping honey when it’s glowing red hot with strange yet interesting instruments and turning it into some beautiful and out of this world. A piece of art that is completely unique and one of a kind. Well this is exactly what it’s like in the world of glassblowing. By trying and experiencing the art class here at SBVC one can truly learn to perfect not only just the skill, but expand your own imagination as well as your creativity. Glassblowing is a dying trade and skill in the art world. Now it’s mainly considered more of a hobby. On a more serious note career-wise it’ll get you far but it will not et you a life…show more content…
As I sat and observed Stephen, a student here at SBVC’s Glassblowing class, he explains carefully every step that must be taken along with some precautions. Stephen then explains the dangers of this type of artwork and gives some examples of injuries that he and many other students acquired white participating in this class. One example that he used was how one student subconsciously caught an object he knocked over in an attempt to save it from shattering but in return burned both hands because the object was still hot. This student obtained first-degree burns on both hands and thus was not able to participate in the class for two weeks. As Stephen preps and prepares his materials and tools for his project I then proceed to ask him more questions. Such as what made him want to pursue this dangerous yet interesting trade. He then set his tools down and simply replied that he wanted a fresh start. Something new and exciting and that when he saw the title of this class he knew right then and there that that was something he wanted to do. Stephen then grabs a blowpipe, expected it and then approached the glory hole with it and began to heat one end of it. As he was heating or warming up the blowpipe I then continued with my interview. My next question that I addressed to Stephen was what did he personally benefit by taking this class and learning this skill.
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