The World 's Best League Of Legends

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Danny Le wakes up every morning and heads to work, the downstairs living space in his incredibly spacious home in Malibu Hills. Danny Le, also known as “Shiphtur,” is a professional video game player, or Cyber Athlete. Le strolls to his high-powered computer, provided to him by a generous sponsor, and begins to play League of Legends. League of Legends is an online multiplayer game that currently has thirty-six million online players. Danny Le earns six figures a year, as do his four roommates/teammates, because they are currently viewed by the gaming community as one of the world’s best League of Legends teams. Team Dignitas. Video games are no longer a fad or a phase, they are now a competitive and lucrative team sport. Video games have…show more content…
The controversy surrounding calling E-sports a sport is met with intense arguments from all spectrums: gamers and non-gamers will both argue for or against granting E-sports the title of sport. However, regardless of the positive or the negative arguments, E-sports is both incredibly popular and profitable. In 2013, Riot Games Inc. organized the largest E-sport gaming event that America has ever witnessed. The League of Legends World Championship. According to Riot’s Dustin “Redbeard” Beck, the Los Angeles Staples Center, in which the event was being held, was sold out within a matter of minutes (Riot). This tournament featured the two best League of Legends teams from across the globe, SKT T1 (from Korea) and RYC (China). Their five strenuous matches ended in a commanding victory from SKT T1, and they were awarded a hefty $1,000,000. These professional players are earning an immense income that is almost equal to the earnings of their more “physical” counterparts. Ryan Guina of CashMoneyLife reveals that professional sports benchwarmers earn between $227,000 and $1,000,000 a year, across all physical sports. The highest paid E-Sports gamers this year earned over $229,000, proving that they already have economic equality with some professional players in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. The highest paid E-Sports Cyber Athlete is Johnathan Wendel, who earned $454,544 (esportsearnings), who
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