The World 's Culture And Traditions

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Before Mead, detailed immersive field work was not a common practice, and at the time the book was published the idea of living with native people was fairly ground breaking. Mead’s fieldwork was done entirely in the Samoan language, because few, if any at all of the natives spoke English. I believe this to be the best way to study a culture. Total emersion into another society’s culture and traditions would be the only way to truly grasp the concepts with in a culture. Although difficult as it might be, living with, practicing, and observing a cultures daily activities is the only way to get a true representation of the culture and its traditions. This will allow an anthropologist, as it did Mead, to use of cross-cultural comparison to highlight issues within other societies. As a person who left Ethiopia at the age of twenty three to live in Germany for two years and then live in multiple places within the United States I feel like I have been doing field work for the last seven years. I have been total immersed in a culture other than my own since that time and have been studying and observing these cultures to find a way to adapt and fit into my surroundings. Just as Mead was living in a society that didn’t speak her native language this has been an obstacle I have had to overcome and work diligently at to adapt to. I know firsthand some of the difficulties that come with communicating and learning in a different language and how simple mistakes in language can sometimes
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