The World 's Deadliest Conflict

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Introduction World War II was the world’s deadliest conflict which lasted from 1939 to 1945. France and the majority of Western Europe were occupied by Nazi Germany in April 1940. While Britain and the Soviet Union fought against Germany and Italy, the United States of America did not join the war until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941. After the attack on Pearl Harbour, Germany declared war on the United States of America, hence dragging the United States of America into World War II on the European continent. The Allied nations of the West started to plan an invasion on German territory. This plan took several years to materialize because it involved modern warfare technologies such as the organization of…show more content…
Reconnaissance missions, studying and observing weather patterns and the ways the Allies kept the invasion a secret were also military strategies the Allies used to turn the tides of war. With reconnaissance planes, the Allies were able to scout the enemy’s defensive positions. With the study of weather patterns in Normandy, the Allies were able to decide which day would have the least amount of wind, waves and clouds so transport ships would not sink and bombers would have a clearer view of their targets. How the Allies kept their plan a secret was also a strategy to not let the Germans know their true agenda. The research question, what were the Allies military strategies used in preparation of the Normandy landings? The analyses of the different strategies being used in preparation and during D-Day will be shown in this essay. Operation Neptune was the first stage in the liberation of Western Europe and a major step in defeating Nazi Germany, it was one of the biggest turning points in World War II. The Allies were able to launch a successful invasion on the beaches of Normandy. With the liberation of the territory, the Allies were then able to pour in troops to Europe through France, liberate the rest of the occupied countries, and finally march onward to Berlin. The beaches of Normandy were a crucial part in the invasion, because it served as an opening point to move further into the heart of Europe. Planning for the Invasion of Normandy Supreme Commander
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