The World 's Economic Development

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During 1950 to 1960,there’s a war build two individual country and change the eastern world’s pattern.The China supported North Korean during the Korean war.Because China,the Soviet Union,the United State and some other country in the United Nations,this civil war in Korean affect the world’s economic development and the whole world Pattern.And in this world United State supported the South Korean,so this war is a war represent the conflict between democracy which the western world support and the communism which China and the Soviet Union follow.Two side of the war all cost a lot of things,such as the money and the life of the soldiers.In fact no one definably won the war, both of the countries lose the war and both of the countries won the war. During the second world war, the American President Roosevelt and Stalin, chairman of the Soviet union ministers meeting in Tehran and both agreed to the Japanese colony, the Korean peninsula in "an appropriate time" should be independent. In February 4, 1945 to February 11, the president of United State Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin signed a confidential agreement in Yalta of the Soviet union Crimean and meeting made the decision that the United States, the Soviet union, China (the KMT government) and the British will take the international trusteeship after the World War Two,meanings that this country will get the power to administrate the vanquished country of the War Wold Two. At the Yalta Meeting, the leader of the
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