The World 's External Forces

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Humans have the great ability to introspect any of their own actions, which in turn allows them to think greatly about how they act and treat others, while formulating an internal debate of whether their actions are commendable or poor. Using this great ability is imperative for humans to have the proper view and respect for other individuals, including those from a different species. Without using this feature we cannot understand the plights of other individuals and the deeper reasons behind why they’re occurring and we are stuck with one simple story of life that has yet to be proofread. We are gifted through evolution with a huge brain that can process a huge amount of information, which gave us the invention of language, complex thoughts, and being able to see within ourselves. The most insolent thing we can do with it is to not use it and live in a false world with a false identity as a result. Biology and the world’s external forces can only help humans up to a certain extent. They can only gift us newer tools to use through a process that takes millions of years to perform. As complex as the brain is, it is just as easily prone to damage, also known as trauma. Getting over these traumas take an incredible amount of work to repair. De Zulueta explained the process of recovering these wounds as being able to “bypass the area using various techniques. Some of the wounds are not healable” (De Zulueta, 364). The effects of trauma actually have the potential of…
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