The World 's Fastest Growing Criminal Act

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Silence Slavery What would you guess is the world’s fastest growing criminal act? Illegal arms? Drugs? Congraduations! You would be wrong. The fastest growing criminal act just happens to be human trafficking or in more blunt terms, slavery (“25 painfully”).Human trafficking is a large ongoing problem , not just in other countries but right here in the United States; human trafficking violates human rights and we all need to do our part in leading our country out of this plague. Human trafficking is not a new phenomenon, it has been happening for so long that there is no specific starting date, that can be pinpointed. Regardless of its exact origin it sounds like an issue that belongs to poor foreign countries countries like North Korea,…show more content…
Despite the majority 's newfounded opinion, human trafficking in the US has increased. The US is known to be a major trafficking destination. The state Department estimates that 18,000 women,men, and children are trafficked into the US each year from dozens of countries. Many victims arrive in the US through three main trafficking hubs: Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami, but as of 2004, forced labor victims had been identified in at least 90 US cities in 31 states. In addition, thousands of US citizens,mostly women and children, are trafficked to within US borders primarily for sexual exploitation (Identification of human trafficking). The scary truth of it is that human trafficking is not only the world 's problem. It 's the United States problem, as well. Besides being the third fastest growing criminal act, there are several other heartbreaking, and shocking facts surrounding human trafficking. In 2013 the average cost of a slave was between ninety and one hundred US dollars. Since 80% of human trafficking involves sexual exploitation and 20% is labor exploitation with the world wide estimate of about 20 to 30 million slaves (youtube). The severity of the situation is becoming increasingly apparent as the number of people, mainly females, being forced into these tragic situations is constantly growing. However, for a moment allow the defendant to take his stand. What about the benefactors of
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