The World 's Largest African Elephant

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Satao – the world’s largest African elephant and one of the last surviving ‘great tuskers’ was found dead in Tsavo National Park, Kenya in June 2014. Satao was famous for its huge tusks that reached down to the ground. The carcass of 45-year-old elephant with its face mutilated and great tusks hacked off was left for vultures and scavengers. Poachers had killed Satao with poisoned arrows for the ivory that weighed over 100 pounds. According to the data provided by Landmark Analysis, poachers seeking ivory had killed more than 100,000 African elephants in just three years. One of the largest mass elephant slaughter in decades took place in Cameroon, in 2012 where poachers using Ak47s and grenades had killed more than 300 elephants. A biggest threat to the world’s largest land mammal is human race that have seriously jeopardized the future and existence of this iconic species.

The relationship between elephants and people has always been the complex one. Throughout the history, humans have been intrigued by the size and strength of this powerful creature. Some civilizations have viewed elephants as divine beings or Gods, and for some they have been the symbol of royalty. Because of their enormous size and power, elephants have been captured and carried the burdens of war, transportations and heavy lifting for many centuries. Elephants have been used in circuses and festivals for spectacle and entertainment. The role of human in this relationship has been an exploitive one…

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