The World 's Largest Computer Network And The Internet

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The 21st century is known for being the most technologically advanced, and innovative era to this day. These advancements have not only affected our day to day lives but the social, cultural and religious adaptations this world has undergone. These progressions have swept us off our feet and continuously made us all wonder what really matters in life. In the 1990’s we witnessed a tremendous change in technology by the advancement in computer systems and the internet. The Internet is the world 's largest computer network and has revolutionized electronic networking. The number of people using the Internet continues to double annually, with at least 50 percent of all Americans “online” in 2000 (Cliffnotes). It’s used for online dating, business, as an informational tool, and many more key attributes to daily living. The Internet has provided endless possibilities for electronic communication, yet there is arguably a dark side that exists to this informational tool.
People not growing up in this era would have us believe that the internet prevents us from interacting on a face to face basis and destroys old fashioned pursuits of writing letters and speaking on the phone; people even meet their spouses online these days. (Cliffnotes). This is discerning to some, but it is very helpful in getting to know someone quicker, you view their social media page(s) and things you might not have known about that person are now at your fingertips. There are apps out there such as
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