The World 's Largest Man

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The World 's Largest Man
Harrison Scott Key
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Character Identification Harrison, he is the author. His dad who is kinda a angry and violent man. His mom who is quiet and unassuming. He has a brother named bird, who is the course of the book comes out that he is a half brother. His wife is stunningly beautiful. Plot Summary This is a story of his life. He is an artsy crafty guy, an artist and his dad is a devoted hunter who is always trying to turn him around and make him kill something. I think the dad is afraid that the boy mgit be gay, which he is not. It tells a story of him growing up, trying to break free of his dad 's, which includes hiding in trees with a gun instead of shooting something. While his
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4.””Some glad morning when this life is over, i 'll fly away, we sang, the message of this song was that you could leave Mississippi, but you had to die first” Pg170¶2
He is afraid he will never be able to leave Mississippi

5.” I knew though, even if I had no arms, Pop would have found a way for me to hunt” Pg68¶6 This is his dad trying to get him to go hunting.

6.”Pop showed me how to peel the deer like a banana.” Like taking off a wet sock,” He said “Sure,” I thought if you had been born with a sock attached to you body.Pg 76¶8 It shows his hate of hunting.

7.”It was that day when I finally stopped trying to be like my father and my brother and be a different kind of man, who was more like a women” Pg92¶4 When he finally acpets that he is not going to be a hunter

8.” He hit me hard, so hard, hard as I have ever seen him do.” Pg¶This is when the dada realizes the boy is too big for him to beat.

9.”You people are crazy” Pg183¶6 This is when his new wife meets his family.

10.” She had some hocks on her”Pg 187¶7 This is dad always making comments about ladies body parts.

11.”What really makes you alive is love.”Pg246¶4 This is the author talking about his family

12.” This gun right here can kill a grown man” This is him getting a gu for his tenth birthday.

13.” It took many years before I
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