The World 's Leader As A Global Police Force, Implementing Democracy And Promoting World Peace

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America is known today for being a global police force, implementing democracy and promoting world peace. As the nation expanded, America got more and more involved in foreign affairs and policies. Whether it was wars or colonial expansion, the US was extending its hand in the affairs of other nations or regions. While we are hated in many countries, it is undoubtedly true that we are the world’s leader in peace promotion and solving global epidemics. America has evolved to be the leading disaster relief nation, as well as the most substantial supporter against terrorism. While it is hard to pinpoint, I believe America’s role in the global community should be that of a referee.
What exactly does a referee do? A referee is a position in sports or contests that keeps the match within the playing rules and judges the sportsmanship of the players. In today’s world, I think the US is a little too involved in foreign affairs and wars. Ranging from the conflicts in the Middle East to the drug cartels in Central and South America, we simply are trying too hard to determine the outcome. Many people ask then; do we just leave the people there to die? Of course not. We assist, yes, but we should still make the people in the region do most of the work. Just an example, the United States of America was founded under a people who struck out with absolutely zero foreign assistance in the beginning of the revolution. By doing this, we created our own sense of nationalism that hasn’t been
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