The World 's Most Dangerous Leaders

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Being one of the world 's most dangerous,people may fear you,or you may fear them,but despite all of the hardships and easy aspects of life after,you may take on some crazy life threatening situations during the beginning of your life,or before taking the hands of being a great power and leader. All of the world 's most dangerous leaders have shown there lives as an enemy or hero after childhood,but not as a kid.To figure out who is the worst we may go over who does what,when they did that and how. Throughout Adolf,Josef,and Benito’s Lives to become such a person that evil does not just come about or randomly,there has to be reasonings why a human being would be so angry and insane. Well maybe there is,in the beginnings of their early lives in childhood and early adulthood events and happenings that made them grow up to be some of the worst people ever in history. Growing up you watch what other people do and as you see what people do you inherit those actions as well,so maybe some of these is the reason they were who they were,taking on some traits that were not that good at all. Perhaps maybe not,or is it that life was not going good so they took cruel actions out on people that were not guilty. We will now find out who is the most dangerous human in history. Is it Hitler,Mengele,or Benito. Adolf Hitler was born and raised in Braunau,Austria on April,20th,1889.(Fredriksen) Since at an early age Hitler had been fascinated in the art industry,and his dream of
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