The World 's Most Successful Entrepreneur, The Bill Gates Essay

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Whenever someone asks about the world’s most successful entrepreneur, the first name in anyone’s mind would come up would be of the most richest and the strongest personality in the world. Here, I would like to discuss about one such personality who is the world’s most successful entrepreneur, the Bill Gates ( According to Forbes, Bill Gates is on the top as the richest man in the world and Forbes 400 list of successful entrepreneurs and 7th rank of the world’s most powerful people.
Background of Bill Gates: (Ref 2 books)
On October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington, Bill Gates was conceived as William Henry Gates III. His father was an accountant named William Henry Gates II and mother Mary Maxwell Gates. Bill was an extremely dynamic and loved to shake for quite a long time on his shaking steed. A long time later in business gatherings, Bill was known for shaking his seat. He said it helped him think. The hunger for reading encouraged eight year old Bill to read entirely, the world book encyclopedia. He considers drawing and reading as thinking. Once, Bill’s family was getting ready to go at some place in the car, but they didn’t find him in the car. Her mother found him in the house and asked what he was doing there? His answer was “I’m thinking, Mother!” and Bill also used to questioned his parents that “don’t you ever think?”
Bill was left handed, but when he gets bored at school, he used to take notes with his right hand. At the age of eleven, he won the
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