The World 's Most Visited City Of 2016 Essay

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Mastercard Global Destinations Cities Index released a report this past September that Bangkok, Thailand is the world’s most visited city of 2016 (CNBC, September 2016). Bangkok is projected to have 21.47 million international visitors in 2016. What makes this Southeast Asian country such a popular destination among travelers? Could it be the ancient ruins of the country? Could it be the delicious and savory food we have all known to love? Or the friendliness of the people for which the country is nicknamed the “Land of Smiles.” No matter the reasons why people visit Thailand, the statistics speak for itself. The high volume of tourists brings a positive boost to Thailand’s economy. This allows ample amount of opportunities for businesses to bloom. With so many diverse international visitors, the market space available to cultures outside of Thailand remains an endless possibility for those envisioning to plant business ventures in Thailand. Opportunity, however, does not guarantee success. We have seen through various case studies where companies have either failed or succeeded in bringing their brand cross culturally. In order to successfully position oneself as an entrepreneur in Thailand, an understanding of the cross-cultural communication and negotiation of the Thai culture is vital. Cultural values, attitudes, and beliefs ingrained in the hearts of negotiators have a huge impact and influence in the way cross cultural communication and negotiation is

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