The World 's Oldest Profession For Nothing

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“Prostitution isn 't inherently immoral, any more than running a company like Enron is inherently immoral. It 's how you do it that counts. And the reality is that it will happen anyway. It 's not called the world 's oldest profession for nothing. Why not make it, at the least, safe and productive?” -JEANNETTE ANGELL of A Wellness Perspective on Prostitution, Freedom, Religion, and More", Seek Wellness, Apr. 30, 2005. Prostitution, known as the world 's oldest profession, and it exists everywhere. In the event you leave the country, and go to a whole new country, there is a guarantee you would find prostitutes. People say that prostitution is wicked because it is a disgrace to society, and no one should go into that profession, because it can get the prostitutes into dangerous situations. One instance of this that no one takes into consideration, that the girls or guys are making money off of this. If they are making money, then they help the economy the same way anyone is at their job. Prostitution should be more considered as a legalized job. People will not stop, so why not take advantage, and make laws to help protect the men and women. Prostitution is one of the world’s oldest professions, and laws prohibiting prostitution may be the oldest examples of government regulation and government (sex) discrimination (Armentano, 1993). Prostitution also may be illegal, but if you look hard enough in the streets, you can see them. Countries have been arguing to make…
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