The World 's Poorest Countries

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What can be done can be done to bring countries in Africa out of poverty and get them to a status that allows them to compete with other global countries economically? A family is considered to be impoverished when they are making less than $1.90 U.S. dollars a day. Today seventy-five percent of the world’s poorest countries are located on the continent of Africa. Within Africa Sub Saharan Africa holds ten countries where majority of the population is living in poverty. Also in Sub Saharan Africa, 589 million people live without electricity. Around 80% of the continent’s population relies on biomass as their source of heat for cooking and cold climate. Out of a total one hundred, 37% of the people living without clean water live in Africa and over 500 million people suffer from waterborne diseases. Less than 20% of women have education, but children with education have a 40% better chance of survival. This means that many of the people could survive, but their mothers, the people who primarily raise them, are not educated, resulting in a low percentage of educated people. Africa is a continent that is very rich in natural resources, the only problem is they don’t have the proper equipment and infrastructure to build industries involving those natural resources, which makes countries turn to other countries for natural resources. The continent has great economical potential, but the problem is there is a lack of knowledge on how to form stable and powerful governments and…
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