The World 's Poorest Countries

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What can be done can be done to bring countries in Africa out of poverty and get them to a status that allows them to compete with other global countries economically? A family is considered to be impoverished when they are making less than $1.90 U.S. dollars a day. Today seventy-five percent of the world’s poorest countries are located on the continent of Africa. Within Africa Sub Saharan Africa holds ten countries where majority of the population is living in poverty. Also in Sub Saharan Africa, 589 million people live without electricity. Around 80% of the continent’s population relies on biomass as their source of heat for cooking and cold climate. Out of a total one hundred, 37% of the people living without clean water live in Africa…show more content…
Poverty on the continent of Africa is a direct result of European Colonial Powers leaving abruptly after World War II. Poverty can be minimized by establishing stronger forms of government, which will then allow Africa to trade, more people will be educated, which will then increase the amount of people working, and improving infrastructure, which will allow for better access to poor countries. Africa’s economy has continued to decline due to the effects of European countries after World War II. Economies began to fall after WWII due to the European Colonial Countries pulling their power out of Africa in order to repair their governments from the war. A European Colonial Power is a country on the continent of Europe, who established colonies outside of their continent in order to gain power world-wide. Britain, Germany, and France were dominant Colonial Powers in Africa, but Germany was forced to give up their land after the war and France and Britain removed their powers from Africa because they needed to repair their government from the effects of the war. In 1950 Kwame Nkrumah proposed Pan- Africanism in order to unite the continent economically and politically. This proposed idea would also harness vast natural resources, lessen the influence of western powers, and bring a positive economic influence to the continent as a whole.
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