The World 's Second Biggest Food Production Kraft Foods

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This essay will discuss the social and ethical responsibilities as it pertains to the world’s second biggest food production Kraft Foods. Kraft Foods is one of the few companies in corporate America that has the history such as Kraft Foods (Ovide, 2011). Kraft Foods Inc. is a business with many diverse roots and founders, all partaking in an obligation for quality, an enthusiasm to take a chance and a spirit of modernization (The History of Kraft Foods Inc., n.d.). Amid the merchandise nowadays retailed by Kraft Foods Inc. are so many “firsts” and originations that the historical portion of the business is almost a direct relation to the history of food production. In addition, to being the second leader of food production Kraft Food’s…show more content…
Furthermore, environmental criteria consist of concerns toward the environmental such as the company’s goods and services, as well as the company’s efficiency in relations of its practice of energy and capitals. Among these which are social criteria takes in account the fundamentals such as human rights, child labor, group diversity, and the corporation’s impact on society. For example, Kraft Food’s makes for certain that they are not joining a business that has doings tied to guns, wagering, tobacco, and spirits. Being as though, Kraft Food’s is all about bringing families together and this type of dealings would go totally against their vision statement. One of the ways Kraft Foods gives back in a socially aspect is by reminding those that hunger is relevant in a place where least likely thought, the U.S. More importantly, Kraft Foods recognize the importance of being socially and environmentally cognizant, and will often publicize charitable initiatives, such as annual fundraisers for ending hunger or a volunteer project with other non-profit businesses their partnering with (Taylor, 2015). Kraft Foods and other companies that include social responsibility into their industry model demonstrate that a commitment to these initiatives goes a long way, both for the foundation and their reputation. Kraft has been committed to fighting hunger for decades (“Kraft Foods, Community Involvement.”, n.d.). Kraft Foods has provided more than one
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