The World 's Second Largest Agrochemical Corporation And The Largest Seed Company

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Tzu Hao (Chris) May Section 1H TA S. Nowak
Prof. E. Sheppard

Monsanto: Becoming the one and only
To the rhythms of drums and chants, concerned people took the streets of 436 cities across 52 countries on May 25 of last year. The message was clear: smash Monsanto (McDonnell). Despite the fact that Monsanto was voted the most “evil” corporation in 2013(, the company still represents the ultimate success of a transnational corporation (TNC) in the modern capitalist economy. Monsanto’s global success is largely due to its ties with the government and supra-national organizations such as the FDA and WTO, which is also why it has become extremely powerful for people to challenge it’s monopoly over food production around the world. By controlling farmers and the seeds that they plant, Monsanto’s vertical integration in agribusiness made it “the world’s second largest agrochemical corporation and the largest seed company (Rees). In addition to its affiliation with governmental organizations, Monsanto frequently has the business acumen to produce the most desirable product in every era since it was first established in the turn of the 20th century. From DDT in the 50s, Agent Orange in the 60s, LED lights in the 70s, to the research and development of biotechnology in the 80s and onwards (McDonnell), Monsanto perennially patented products and dominated the global market. After the 1944 Bretton woods conference,
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